Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Thanks to the strong relationship we maintain with different traumatologists in the area, we know about the latest surgical and conservative techniques, and we are up-to-date regarding rehabilitation protocols and  functional recovery of injuries.

Manual therapy

We like what we feel with our hands. In this field, we play with massage, stretching, drainage, joint recentrings, myofascial releasing, force work…

Active neuromuscular workout

We attach great importance to the active element of treatments. Active neuro muscular work is critical for recovery from injuries and we utilize a variety of ways to achieve this, including body weight-bearing exercises, elastic bands, weights…

Diacutaneous Fibrolysis

Its origin is in Sweden, and it is popularly known as “hooks technique”. It allows us to release adhesions among muscle layers and restore normal slip between them. It is a very effective technique to release muscle tensions and relax the area of ​​the back and the neck.


A perfect tool to relax the muscles in a pleasant and painless way, as well as to facilitate reabsorb swelling process or oedemas.

Myofascial Release

Through movements and sustained pressures, we find the freedom from the restrictions of the myofascial system.

Concept Sohier

This analytical technique reunites and recentres joints. A good positioning of joint structures guarantees a correct gear joint.


The functional bandages intend to maintain, stabilize, unite, supply and reinforce some well-defined biological structures. Unlike other rigid containment methods (such as plasters, thermo-formable materials), functional bandages use a flexible material, made up by adhesive (or not) bandages.